Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The Ugly Face of Frist

Well, I considered writing about a number of things tonight. At first I thought about discussing the recruiting issues our military is facing in Iraq. Then I considered writing about what looks like a failed propaganda campaign by the military itself. But then the evil Dr. Frist reared his ugly head.

Talk about pandering to the special interests. I'm sure our troops appreciate being put on hold so Sen. Frist can make his gun-lovin' NRA buddies happy. Screw that pay and benefits shit, man. Gun makers need some protection!

You see, this type of behavior looks to be Sen. Frist's new approach to politics. If there's something about the bill you don't like, put it off until later. I think that's what we would technically call a "stall." You know, stalling. It's what Bush and his cronies were accusing Democrats of doing recently.

As I said, this looks to be Frist's new political strategy. Yesterday, we learned of another of his stall moves.
Now we see what kind of a man Bill Frist is. When things aren't going to go his way, he holds his breath and stomps his feet. Despite the fact that he is a part of the majority, he has decided that it's his way or the highway, fellow Republicans be damned.

You know, if Frist had any aspirations for the presidency, his chances are quickly dissipating. The campaign fodder he's supplying to any prospective opponent is incredible. He's siding with the NRA over the support of our troops. He's putting off debate on a bill supported by members of his own party and a majority of Americans. His behavior on the Schiavo issue was shameful. And his leadership of the Senate has been pathetic, at best. I don't think we'll ever have to worry about getting used to saying "President Frist."

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