Thursday, August 18, 2005



If nothing else, Cindy Sheehan has accomplished two things down in Texas. First of all, she has torn away the mask of compassion from the faces of the Republican masses. O'Reilly, Coulter, Malkin, Limbaugh, all of them have savagely attacked this grieving mother for daring to question the administration's rationale for war. Furthermore, Bush refuses to meet with her, the rest of the talking heads are verbally assaulting her, and the crazies have resorted to vandalism and threats. So much for the compassionate wing of the conservative party.

The other thing that Ms. Sheehan has accomplished is that we are once again discussing when it would be appropriate to withdraw the troops. And in doing so, she has once again put the pressure on the administration to make a choice. Of course the administration claims that we will see the mission through. (Translation: We're riding this piece of shit all the way to the bottom.) But now others are starting to voice their opposition as well. Today, Sen. Russ Feingold actually proposed a date for a complete troop withdrawal.

But it's not just the Democrats that are starting to see the light. Republicans are too. Sen Chuck Hagel, from the dead-red state of Nebraska, thinks it's about time we started to bring them home.

Of course the Bush administration is responding to the pressure with their standard answer.

Does anyone really believe that if we said we were pulling out by the end of 2006 the violence would stop? I find it highly unlikely that the insurgents are going to just kick back and relax and wait us out. What a preposterous notion. At this point, Bushco pretty much has to stay in Iraq. Any wavering on their position and the whole facade will crumble. But the pressure's building and the public's confidence is waning.

This could be a real drag on the entire Republican party come 2006. Any Democrat running for office needs to capitalize on it. Now.

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