Monday, August 15, 2005


Justice Bat-shit Crazy Sunday II

(I heard that Fox is considering making this into a reality series. They're thinking about calling it When Wingnuts Attack.)

In case you missed it; and let's be honest, with all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming Iraqi constitution, it was really easy to miss; yesterday was Justice Sunday II. It was a gathering not to be missed. Speakers ranged from the raging ideologue to...well...another raging ideologue. But hey, they had a great name for the whole thing: "God Save the United States and this Honorable Court." Because, ya' know, those liberals that control our government are going to run this country righ.... huh? Oh wait, never mind.

Boy the line-up of speakers was great. They had James Dobson and Tony Perkins and Chuck Colson and Zell Miller and, of course, Tom DeLay. I mean, really, it wouldn't be a party without Zell and Tom, now would it? But hey, we could marvel over the list of speakers all day, so let's get to the actual message. What was it these gentle God-fearing men had to say?

For those of you without your Bat-shit Crazy/English dictionary handy, the literal translation of the above statements is as follows:

(Okay, I made up the part about robed bastards. There's really no word in the Bat-shit Crazy language that translates as bastard, but you get the point.)

Basically, these people aren't satisfied with what they have. They're greedy. They want more, more, more. They don't like to be told no and they're going to yell and scream until they get their way. Well, at least they're mature about it.

There's one thing I don't understand about all of this. This is supposed to be a religious group of people, right? These are the evangelicals and the Christian leaders of our time, correct? If that's the case, why haven't they read the Bible? I'm pretty sure that Jesus had something to say about all of this greed and power-lust that they're exhibiting. Hmmmmm... let's see..... What Would Jesus Do?

And the list could go on.

You know, it's too bad when those who claim religion the loudest, ignore the teachings of the very book they shove in the face of America in their attempts to gain control. If I didn't know better, I just might call them hypocrites.

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