Wednesday, August 10, 2005


More Bumper Stickers (Day III)

And the campaign rolls on. In an effort to refine the political language of the Democratic party, I'm looking for a few slogans that will fit on bumper stickers and succinctly sum up the view of the party. So let's see, we've talked about abortion and education, so now let's move on to Iraq. (BTW - The best slogans from the last two days have been: "SAFE, LEGAL, RARE" and "He can't pronounce nuclear and we're using his education plan?")

Despite all of the "last throes," "turning the corners," and "winning of hearts and minds," our soldiers are still dying in Iraq at an alarming rate. This month alone we've lost another 38 of our sons and daughters. The experts now think it was a mistake, the outcome is in serious jeopardy, and even the parts of the country we are supposedly in control of are in chaos. Yet we can't seem to get hardly anyone, even in the Democratic party, to stand up and say in no unmitigated terms, "This was a mistake!" If any of them would simply admit that they screwed up, the healing process could begin.

At this point, I don't think there's anything that we can do to actually "fix" the situation. We've gone beyond that. It's like putting the toothpaste back in tube. (As the Rude Pundit likes to say, "You can't un-fuck the goat.") But unlike before, the public is now on our side. According to all the latest polls, the public's support for Georgieboy's handling of the situation in Iraq now stands at anemic levels. And as demonstrated by Paul Hackett's approach in Ohio, the public is ready for a candidate that has the balls to stand up and speak out strongly against the war. So the time is right. We need to take advantage of the current mindset.

So here it is. Challenge number three. What can we put on a bumper sticker that will convey our feelings about Iraq in a short, quick memorable way?

Take it away!

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