Thursday, August 25, 2005


"Sire, the Peasants Are Revolting!"

When you hold the highest elected office in the most powerful country on earth, people are compelled to give you the benefit of the doubt. Such is the case for George W. Bush. For the last four years, the states have gone along (maybe somewhat reluctantly) with the administration's policies. But not anymore. It appears as if the wheels may be falling off.

On Monday we learned that Connecticut was filing suit against the federal government over NCLB.

Then today we learned that several states have decided they can't wait any longer for the Bush administration to act on greenhouse gasses.

It's one thing when some of the people aren't with you, but now he can't even keep the states in line. Poor George. Only seven months into his second term and he's already being treated like a lame duck.

(By the way, bonus points to the first person to come up with the proper reply to the title of this post.)

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