Monday, October 03, 2005


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Last week we saw Tom "the Hammer" DeLay indicted on conspiracy charges. Now those of us that live in the reality-based community all said a collective "duh," but of course Tommyboy and his Republican cronies cried foul. In fact, yesterday on Faux "News" DeLay even went so far as to say that he expected to be back in his leadership role soon.

Naturally, he's going to proclaim his innocence as all criminals do. But today things got just a little bit harder for the old bugman:

With crooks like DeLay in congress, who needs an opposition party? Between, the Plame investigation, Frist's FEC woes, and Tom DeLay's multiple indictments, the Republican party just might be the answer to the Democrats' prayers.

Thanks Tom!

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