Friday, November 25, 2005


Meet the New Boss...

same as the old boss.

As the poll numbers continue to plunge and as the questions continue to mount, the Bush administration has decided to call upon an old hero to help them combat the growing discontent in America. When all else fails, they always revert to McCarthyism to quell the dissention. On Monday, Five Deferment Cheney had his McCarthyistic mojo going full force:

In not so many words, Cheney is saying that any attacks on the administration's handling of the war are false and thereby hurting the troops. But we know from past experience that the administration committed a collosal amount of errors in the run up to the war. They consistently relied on faulty intelligence, known forgeries, and known fabricators to bolster their case with the American public. So the claim that all of the attacks are untruthful is clearly erroneous.

But it's the "hurting the troops" claim that reeks of McCarthyism. Because basically what Cheney is saying is that you can't question the administration without harming the troops and thereby aiding the enemy. In other words, it's better to not question anything. Lies? Don't question them, it hurts the troops. Mistakes? Don't point them out because it hurts the troops. Incompetence? Don't talk about it. Ineptitude? Don't mention it. Complete assbackwards fuck ups? Well now, that would hurt the troops if you pointed those out too.

In the world of Cheney, Bush and the rest of the McCarthy Cabal, it is better to let the troops die for what may be lies and mistakes than to question the actions and motives of those responsible. Now who really supports our troops? Those that would let them die for mistakes and missteps or those that want to know the truth about how they got there?

(Thanks to wanda for the inspiration for this post.)

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