Friday, December 23, 2005



I should begin by apologizing for my inadequate posting of late. Not just inadequate in quantity (this is only the second time this week), but in quality as well. It's definitely not from a lack of material, I can assure you. Unfortunately, I seem to be suffering from writer's block. With all of the things to be writing about this week, I find myself sitting at the computer night after night with good intentions but nothing more than a handful of disconnected observations and snarky comments.

So as I attempt to work through this, here's a few links to some of the stories I had hoped to write about this week.

I'm hoping a little holiday cheer will clear my head and get me back on track. If not, maybe a few rum & cokes will do the trick. Either way, I'll be back next week. Monday is the kissfans' anniversary so I'll probably see you all on Tuesday. Until then Happy Holidays. I hope everyone has a peaceful, joyful, and relaxing holiday season. I am truly grateful for those of you who visit here regularly. You help keep me sane. Thank you.

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