Monday, December 12, 2005


In His Own Words

In recent days, Georgieboy has been traveling the country smearing lipstick on the pig that is Iraq. We're told that the economy is booming and the democracy is flowering. But it was back in 2002 when George W. Bush first began speaking about Iraq and it was on October 5, 2002, in his radio address and on October 7, 2002, during a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio, when he began to outline the case for war. Oh, how times have changed.

With all of the recent talk about democracy in the Middle East, one might lose sight of what this war was supposed to be about. So that we don't lose sight of what our mission was, I'm offering Bush's speech from October 7, 2002, in its entirety.

Eight days later, Bush signed the Iraq resolution, saying the following:

Never once in either instance did he mention anything about a democratic Iraq. From Bush's own words, we see that this war was about WMD. Knowing that there were none and that we were, in fact, completely wrong, isn't it time to finally end this charade and bring our troops back home?

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