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Once again, the White House is revving up its high-powered PR machine and sending Georgieboy out to make excuses for their illegal deed. This time around it's the NSA wiretapping. georgia10, over at DailyKos, does a fine job of debunking the administration talking points, but tonight I want to talk about something else.

As usual, the traditional media outlets have picked up the administration's water and are running with it. Check out this comment from CNN:

Aside from the grammatical error, I'm left to say "What the...? Not prescreened? Get the fuck out of here!"

Like many things this administration does, there's what they say and then there's reality. Let's take a closer look at what they don't consider to be prescreened.

Back on September 16, 2002, George W. Bush gave a speech/held a photo-op at Sears Manufacturing Co. in Davenport, IA. It just so happens that my father is an engineer there and he told me about the White House's non-prescreening process. For starters, everyone in the plant had to undergo a background check. If anything out of the ordinary was found, those employees were asked to not be in attendance on the day of Bush's visit. Considering the position the man is in, this isn't really out of the ordinary. However, for those who were allowed to stay for the bullshit er..I mean, speech, they were instructed that they could not talk, make noise, or ask questions. They could, however, applaud, cheer, or laugh. So you'll have to excuse me if I don't believe that this audience wasn't prescreened. While the questions may not have been known in advance, the audience had been sifted for riff-raff and instructed on how to behave. To say he was on pretty safe ground would be an understatement.

So let's have a look at some of these not "prescreened" questions, shall we?

Wow! Out of thirteen questions there were only two legitimate ones - one about education and the other about nuclear weapons - both of which he completely side-stepped. The remaining eleven were questions that played right into the party's talking points or were just unabashed ass kissing. So once again, your going to have to excuse me if I don't take the administration at its word when they say things aren't prescreened because maybe the questions weren't, but the ones asking the questions definitely were. It's like I said, there's what the administration says and then there's reality. One day soon, I hope the traditional media will join the rest of us here in the reality-based community.

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