Monday, January 16, 2006


Two Speeches

On this day of observance, it would be hard for us not to reflect on that infamous speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28, 1963. One year ago, I wrote about what that speech meant, not just to me, but what I thought it meant to our country. It was about hope. Hope for our future.

Well that future is now the present and presently our country is in sad shape because of the incompetence, mismanagement, and misdeeds of those in charge. Scandals abound from money laundering to bribery, fom torture to illegal spying, from false intelligence to misleading statements, from inadequate planning to inadequate protection. As it says at the top of this blog: "The first duty of government is to protect the powerless against the powerful." This statement embodies what Dr. King spoke of on that day so long ago. Unfortunately, that kind of sentiment falls on deaf ears in today's administration.

It makes me sad knowing that my country - which was founded to give the powerless a voice - has become one where greed and corruption are the norm for the ruling party. The powerless have had their voices silenced in favor of the poweful. And worse yet, the majority of the electorate are blindly ignorant of it. Therefore, it is time to take action. It is time to throw open the doors and shed some light on the underbelly of that fat, greedy beast that is controlling our government. Silence will not do this however, so we have to make some noise. And what better day than today - the day that we remember Dr. King and his fight for the powerless to be heard.

So as a bookend to the speech delivered by Dr. King over 40 years ago - a speech that talked about our country's future - I would like to offer this speech given today by former Vice President Al Gore. While Dr. King's speech was about the future, Gore's speech is about the present. While not as inspiring and not as historical, Gore's speech lays out the problems we currently face in bold, stark language. It's long and it's wordy, but its words are long over due. He's honest; he's aggressive; and most importantly, he's absolutely correct. Read the whole thing.


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