Monday, February 20, 2006


This Is Homeland Security?

When the Senate passed the Homeland Security bill in November, 2002, thereby creating the Department of Homeland Security, it was hailed as a monumental achievement that would make our country safer. Despite the fact that it was originally a Democratic proposal that was opposed by George W. Bush, the White House claimed credit for the bill's passage and concurrently adopted the image of protector. But just how secure are we? Just exactly what has the Department of Homeland Security been doing?

Obviously, we've all seen the Department's response to Katrina. To say that it was less than effective would be an understatement. But aside from that, we don't see or hear too much from them now that they've quit raising the terror alert every couple of days. Never fear, however, they've been quite busy protecting us from..... well..... something.

For starters:

Ah yes, quashing dissent. Now that's what I call homeland security. You have to make sure the riff-raff aren't voicing their opinions if you want to keep everyone safe. Unless that opinion agrees with the White House, that is. Then it's okay.

But you might be asking yourself, "Yeah, but what else are they doing?" Well, here you go:

Phew! Thank goodness for the Homeland Security Department. God only knows what kind of terrorist activities those dirty pictures would inspire.

So you see, the Department is still doing valuable work. Yeah, sure, they fucked up Katrina, but at least we won't have any crazies riding around with anti-war signs on their cars and looking at porn in the library.

There! Now don't you feel safer?

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