Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Down, Down, Down

The latest SurveyUSA Poll shows just how bad things have gotten for poor old Georgieboy. Eighteen months after his "mandate" and he can only manage a positive net approval rating in four states - Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Even his home state of Texas gives him a -6% net approval rating (46-51). Nevada, a state that went for Bush in 2004, now gives old George a -31% net approval (34-65). And what of those swing states Florida and Ohio? Florida is at -24% and Ohio is at -29%. In fact, of the thirty-one states won by Bush in the 2004 election, twenty-seven now give him an approval rating below 50%. Cough...Cough...Buyer's Remorse!..Cough...Cough!

November, 2006, is looking better and better. I've been saying it all year, this is the year of the Democrat.

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