Thursday, August 31, 2006


A New Plan For Iraq

When George W. Bush spoke erm... gave a speech I mean... babbled today in Salt Lake City, he made the following statement:
We can decide to stop fighting the terrorists in Iraq and other parts of the world, but they will not decide to stop fighting us. General John Abizaid, our top commander in the Middle East region, recently put it this way: "If we leave, they will follow us." And he is right.

So I started thinking, "What if he's right?" And I came to the conclusion that the only way to know is is to put it to the test. So I have come up with a new plan for Iraq. I believe it is one that should be adopted by every Democrat currently in or running for office.

I say we immediately withdraw our troops from Iraq and redeploy them to Afghanistan WHERE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TO BEGIN WITH! Then maybe they can finish the job they started, find Osama bin Laden, fight al Qaeda, keep the Taliban from regaining control of the country, test Bush's notion about them following us, AND we'd finally get the hell out of Iraq, all at the same time. And if it turns out that Bush is right and they do follow us, well hell, then it's a win-win situation, isn't it? We'll be out of Iraq and fighting the war against the enemy we should have been fighting all along.

Seems simple enough to me.

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