Friday, September 29, 2006


The Real Reason Why NCLB Can't Work

For those two or three of you who actually read this blog, you know that I'm rather passionate about education and the damage that NCLB is causing. I've attmpted many times to put into words what it is about NCLB that is so wrong. But the other day I came across something that I think sums it up in the simplest, clearest terms.

When I arrived at work on Thursday, I checked the school's webpage for the daily announcements like I always do. On this particular day, our principal had posted a link to a video that she thought we should all see. It came from a parenting site and is admittedly a bit corny, but I think it provides the perfect example of why No Child Left Behind is doomed to be a failure. The video is called "Animal Farm" and it can be viewed here.

The basic message is that every child is different and excels in different areas. Requiring all children to be the same will only cause setbacks, resentment, and, often times, failure.

I think it's important that we recognize the damage that is being done to the future of our country under the guise of good intentions. NCLB is up for renewel next year. For the good of our country's future, it needs to be "left behind."

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