Monday, October 02, 2006


There Is Hope

I live in a red county in a blue state. Day after day I am subjected to Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, yard signs supporting the Republican candidates for every imaginable office, and the usual wingnuttery from my local paper's editorial page. In fact, I am one of the very few liberals who even bothers writing letters to the editor. Never mind the fact that I'm one of only two or three people in a ten block radius to have the balls to display yard signs supporting our Democratic candidates.

It was this sense of isolation that I took with me on Saturday last as I set out to the park to take some pictures for an assignment.

I went to the park with the intention of taking pictures of the fountain. It was a beautiful, clear day and I thought the sunlight in the fountain would give me some great photos.

As I stood there snapping pictures, something caught my eye. Through the water of the fountain, I was pretty sure that I could see something hanging in the window of an apartment that overlooked the park. So I stepped around the fountain to get a better look. I'm sure I must have looked like a fool standing there with a bemused grin on my face seemingly staring into the sky, but I just couldn't help myself.

What I saw gave me hope. It made me feel like things have started to turn. It made me feel like our country still has a chance to make things right. I'll let you look at the picture and make your own judgements, but I can tell you this - it sure made me feel good.

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