Wednesday, April 13, 2005


If I Were John Kerry, I'd...[Part II]

be raising holy hell again. Tomorrow morning I'd jump up on the dais there on the Senate floor, whip out the old dong again and scream "I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO, YOU CONSERVATIVE COCKSUCKERS!!!! It's that time again fuckers and this time I'm starting with you Cornyn. Line up assholes!"

Of course some people might view this as a little extreme, but I think old Johnny-boy Kerry has earned this one. Check this out:

Do you remember all the shit Kerry had to take for this comment? Every conservative ass-kisser came out against Kerry claiming he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Turns out, he was right. Again!

So I say to John Kerry, yet again, "Whip that thing out ol' boy. Shove it in their faces and wave it around all you want. Because once again, you were right. In more ways than most people will ever know, you were right. Enjoy yourself, buddy but watch out for Senator Lott. I hear he uses his teeth."

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