Thursday, August 11, 2005


Bumper Stickers IV

And the campaign rolls on.

Campaign log - Day 4

After stops in Abortionville, Education City, and Iraq, the campaign tour rolls into Civil Rights Square as I continue in my attempts to refine the Democratic message down to a few succinct but memorable slogans.

One of the most precious gifts we have as Americans is the Constitution and it's first ten ammendments. Although it has been misused, misinterpreted, and misrepresented by many over the years, the original intent of this document was not to restrict what the people could do, but what the government could do to us. Therefore, I find it preposterous that some of our lawmakers would even consider an ammendment that would restrict certain individuals from marrying. What's next? Telling us where we can live and work?

The Democratic party has long been the party of civil rights. But that's boring. What we need is a slogan. A short, memorable statement that can fit on a bumper sticker. Something that will make the evening news. Something that expresses our outrage over discrimination and oppression. Something that cries out for equality across the board.

So here is challenge #4. What would you put on your civil rights bumper sticker?

BTW - The best suggestion so far for an Iraq bumper sticker has been "Iraqmire."

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